I provide a full range of creative services for product development, specializing in product, interaction, interface, graphic, and packaging design.  I combine these disciplines as needed to support your team and your product development objective.
Ask me about any kind of design work you need.
I cover a lot of different ground for my customers.  My experience in electronic product  development, physical product design, plastics, castings, sheetmetal, drafting, and manufacturing support can help you get to market with product that sell.  I 3D print prototypes in-house and deliver top-quality trade-show models and field trial units via outside partners.
I'm continually practising software oriented development skills around interaction and user interface design, and in-line testing of software design concepts to accelerate the design process.
And I also hammer out interesting package designs and out-of-box experiences and all related materials such as user guides and visual marketing materials.
Everything needed to get products to market.
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